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Potatoism April 21, 2010

Posted by angrynbored in Atheism, Religion, Trinidad and Tobago.
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This is just too funny!

I don’t know if I ever saw this episode but there’s a huge possibility that I was just too young and stupid to get it at the time, if I did see it. Many adults didn’t get it either, apparently, because if they had gotten it, I don’t think this episode would have even been aired.

Fortunately, society in Trinidad is becoming increasing godless so a heathen such as myself doesn’t feel much alienated within it. Most of the people I know, who believe in some shit “out there” don’t feel the need to shove their beliefs down other people’s throats and it is this aspect of Trinidad’s society that I love. That’s what I mean when I say “godless.” They don’t let their religion occupy their entire personality. I am grateful for this because in many other societies in the world, this phenomenon does not exist. Religion is synonymous with identity and people will do whatever it takes to protect that identity. They will do whatever their religion tells them to do even if it just plain unfair, wrong and unethical. And when the world tells them that their religion is wrong to have such rules, they will rush to defend it using all means necessary.

Sometimes, you just gotta love Trinidadians (most of them anyway) for being so laid back about things like religion.


“PNM give we GATE and OJT so we votin’ for them” April 19, 2010

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Give me a fuckin’ break, will you? As if though if the UNC were to come into power, they’d suddenly remove these services. Wake the fuck up you moronic PNM lovers! If the UNC stopped GATE and OJT and whatever other free stuff the government provides, they would lose major points and would become highly unpopular with the people. They would hear no end from the people about it and there’s a good chance that UWI students, for the first time in their lives, would actually speak out about it. Removal of GATE has the potential to cause major violence.

It is because of GATE that many of us have a shot at this free, tertiary education thing. It is because of GATE that many lives are going in a direction that would have been totally out of the question without these funds. Now, one’s parents don’t have to be rich in order for one to get a shot at tertiary education. Now, we all have an equal chance of getting a degree with the only criteria of selection for jobs being how hard you work (at least most of the time) and how well you do and not whether your parents can pay for your education.

Yes, UWI students, both future and present, would be fucking pissed if the whole GATE plan was removed. Anyone with half a brain can see that. The UNC would not dare do this. No one would. And I think they actually kinda care about the people. Somewhat? A tad more than the PNM? I think they’d actually consider what the people have to say.

I have a strong feeling though, that many PNM supporters are only saying that they are going to support the PNM because of GATE and OJT but the real reason is because, well, they just like to vote PNM. They know it’s a stupid reason so therefore attribute their support to the more “legitimate” reasons of GATE and OJT. Stop it you PNM supporters. Especially you young ones. I expect better from you. I know you have the potential to be more than a bunch of fucking, blind, loyal sheep.

Keep on supporting the PNM. They’ll milk this country dry and then let me see how they’ll pay for your education.